Outgreen Holdings

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Company overview

Outgreen is a diversified conglomerate operates in Sri Lanka and promotes planet-based products.

Outgreen has manufacturing and sales facilities in Colombo – Sri Lanka. Our head office is based on Colombo. Outgreen is Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer and exporter of smokeless solid fuel heating solutions, coconut products, horticultural products and ornamental products.

Outgreens’ success in its manufacturing processes is founded on its highly experienced and qualified colleagues such as process engineers, productions operatives and maintenance crew.

At Outgreen Holdings, we understand the need for creating goods in a green and sustainable way to help protect the environment and promote healthier living. Our eco-conscious products bring short-term and long-term benefits to the society.

our values

Outgreen is its people and the values by which we live.


As an agricultural corporative, Sustainability that demands responsible behavior of corporates in products offering, business conduct, community development and environmental preservation is indurative for us. Outgreen Holdings has comprehensive management systems in place for quality, environment and social accountability to ensure responsible business conduct.

farmer partnership

Since our founding in 2014, We have created incremental income opportunities for the farmers we engaged with in Sri Lanka. We have formed community support programs that provide tools, technology and knowledge to help make everyday life easier for the farmers and their families. We work towards making our industry healthy and robust by continually planting more trees in the regions where we harvest from.

our people

Wellness is one of the core values. We know people do their bast work when they feel their best. We invest in our human capital by creating training and development programs. Building an entrepreneurs’ organization is important for us to grow our business and our people.

serving customers all around the world

We are partner to many businesses around the world. We advise, share trends and distribute our products all over the world. We think you as a partner not as a customer.

Our brands

Our brands trusted by local and international consumers has created a commonplace for sustainable living.