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Coco Charcoal – A Truly Deluxe Option

Coconut Shell, the waste material come from coconut food processing.

At Outgreen, taking maximum care of the environment is core to our business. We know that more of planet-based products we all can live a better and healthier life. To day we come to talk to you about Organic Agri Carbon that we learned about 20 years ago. Many would think of Oak charcoal but it does not provide the qualitative properties that Coco Charcoal delivers. Handling Oak charcoal even difficult in the warehouses and kitchens.

Most of you wonder what this charcoal is like, this is a type of charcoal, made with coconut shell, which we should not confuse with charcoal that comes from tree firewood. It might seem like to be little expensive. But when you realize that is profitable, 100% recommended. We obtain carbon from coconut shell the waste material of coconut food processing, it is reused for carbonization which makes it a 100% natural and ecological material. Ecological Coconut shell carbon is much healthier for those who cook with this ember and helps maintain hygiene and the cleanliness in the kitchen much better.

All natural with no chemical.

Avoiding cutting down of trees to make charcoal is a huge advantage of coconut charcoal. It generates high calorific value, which means with less quantity of coco briquettes you can heat more space than normal lump wood charcoal allows you to heat. The heat is consistent since coco briquettes lights evenly and heat is well distributed.

Lack of smoke and odor makes cooking much more comfortable and healthier. The ash caused by its combustion reduces to a minimum. Also, you can forget about the sparks. Coco charcoal avoids the risk of fires because it does not produce flames.

The most important ECOLOGICAL is totally natural. Thanks to being a sustainable product, it reduces pollution. We know in a healthy and careful world, the quality of the product will be better, which will also improve the quality of the lives of the people.

Grilling with a Conscience.

Coco charcoal preserves natural flavors of grill food.


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