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King Coconuts

The bright orange hull it is indeed an eye catcher. The juice it contains is incredibly aromatic and isotonic.

King Coconuts – The golden nut of Sri Lanka

Colour reflects its contents. It is rich in Carotenoids, Vitamin C, Potassium, Folate. The King Coconuts, locally called “Thambili” are the bright-orange colored variety of coconuts which are indigenous to Sri Lanka. King coconuts are exclusively used as beverage which can help boost immune system and preventing from risk of getting vision problem, cancer and heart disease. Lingering taste of its exquisite natural drink – King Coconut Water encounters memorable experiences.

Fresh Coconut

Sri Lankan Fresh Coconuts tops by its aroma, taste and beauty. The only species of the genus Cocos. Coconuts are graded, packed and exported as per the customer's requirement. The inside of a Coconut is delicious and nutritious. The coconut water, this refreshing liquid is just as hydrating as water but also includes more potassium than a banana. The actual meat of the coconut can also be eaten and contains lots of fiber.